I work on and write about global and local issues, particularly social and environmental ones. I’m especially interested in helping make visible the politics and power imbalances that affect social and environmental justice; in finding and telling stories that matter; and in supporting groups working to improve their communities and our world.

This site reflects the time I’ve spent (over 20 years) working on international development, social and environmental issues, and governance, and my increasing fascination with how we communicate. In that time I’ve designed, managed and evaluated programs, done research and analysis, and written a lot. I’ve also taught, facilitated and collaborated with a diverse range of people.

This has meant an incredible range of experiences. I’ve met with community organisers in low income urban settlements in Africa and Latin America, sat on international steering committees, and written articles about groups working on poverty and human rights in Canada. I’ve managed multi-million dollar project portfolios, helped non-profits do evaluation, and stacked chairs at my local community centre. It’s been rewarding, eye-opening, and thought-provoking.

This blog reflects what I’ve learned while working alongside other people to identify and address social and environmental problems, and to improve the effectiveness of what we do. I’ve learned, among other things, that how we frame problems affects what we identify as solutions, and that solutions can come by working across disciplines, sectors and continents to address complex problems.

I’m also influenced by an interdisciplinary education that includes an M.A. in International Affairs (Development Studies), travel and work in other countries (over 30 countries, almost 40 if you count airports — which you shouldn’t), and an interest in the role of arts and of humour in fostering social change.

You can see more about my writing and work elsewhere on this site. I also blog on local environmental issues at www.greenlivingottawa.com, and I have a blog on Africa at www.adaretodiscover.blogspot.com.

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