For some 30 years now I’ve been involved in developing programs, collaborations and networks; researching and writing about social and environmental issues and initiatives; and teaching, training and facilitation. I work with people, supporting what they’re trying to do and helping them find ways to do it better. Some examples:

  • coordinating a collective initiative of municipal, health, education and social sector organizations and community members in Ottawa working together to address institutional and systemic racism and discrimination and strengthen capacities for equity;
  • working with and connecting researchers, activists and decision-makers, in eastern and southern Africa and around the world, to identify, investigate and solve social and environmental problems;
  • supporting what have become sustained programs and networks, including Equity Ottawa, the Network for Equity in Health in Southern Africa, the Municipal Services Project, the Local Agenda 21 Initiative of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, and the Municipal Development Partnership for Eastern and Southern Africa;
  • managing several groundbreaking urban and local government development projects in South Africa during its transition from apartheid;
  • assisting people in organizations to do effective monitoring and evaluation to improve their work, using relevant and innovative approaches;
  • building state-of-the-art programs on governance, social policy, health, environment and urban development;
  • being active within my own community to bring attention and action to issues that matter.

Please contact me using the contact form if you’re interested in more information or in exchanging ideas.


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