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This blog is about the world and how we see it — and how that influences what we do about it.

First, this blog is about perspectives. I’m interested in the “windows” that frame the views we have of the world. I’m also interested in ideas and people who help us widen or deepen or move those frames so we can get fresh views.

Second, it’s about connections. I see connections everywhere: between the global and the local, across disciplines and sectors, and among people who might not be aware of what they have in common. Although concepts like “local” and “global” help us make sense of the world, they also limit our ability to relate or respond to people or issues. Understanding the connections can make us more effective in our efforts to address social, environmental and political challenges.

All this connecting and boundary-crossing and looking at things from different angles could make a person dizzy. But considering alternative perspectives and finding connections can give us a greater range of ways of understanding and richer options for moving forward.

And who knows? Maybe the focus of this blog will evolve as we go along.

Thanks for dropping by, and please share your ideas and comments.


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